Current projects

Project Name Project Description Contact Information
Robot mascot Create robot that moves it's arms, head and speaks for an elementary school Justine
Light up Frames Create a series of pictures frames that have a push button and leds so that they can light up when desired Danielle
Project testing for workshops Help create and test projects for our new series of advanced workshops Quinn
Display Projects Create cool projects (3D prints, laser cut pieces etc) for the display case in the Makerspace Zaineb
Judging gifts Design and create thank you gifts for the judges for the OMMIC conference Zaineb
OMMIC Poster Installation Aid in the installation of posters around campus Kim
OMMIC Weekend Volunteer Volunteer at the Ontario Maker and Mentor Innovation Conference weekend (October 27-29) Kim

The calendar below is a list of jobs that need to be worked on during a specific time. The most important job is greeter. We always want new user to feel welcome when they arrive at the Makerspace.

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