Information for Brunsfield Volunteers

The uOttawa Brunsfield Centre has an amazing volunteer program which allows members to become more involved in the Brunsfield Centre. Not only do you get experience with all different platforms available, this program is a great way to meet new people, and work on fun projects.

Benefits of being a volunteer

Get Trained

If you are interested in volunteering at Brunsfield, the first step is to get your basic training. You can do this by signing up using our eventbrite page. If you would like to do projects involving other machines like lathe, mill, or welding you need to get that training as well.


Sign up here to volunteer!

We accept volunteers of all skill levels in the space.
You can become a volunteer in 3 steps:
1) Sign up or log in in
2) Go to the main page and inform us where do you want to volunteer (Makerspace or Brunsfield Center) in the 'Interests' field. and send us a request.
3) Wait until you get accepted.

Volunteer Opportunities

All Brunsfield volunteering is project based. So we have lots of different projects you can work on.

If you are a current volunteer and would like to track your hours please click on the button below.